Sunday, May 31, 2009

Arabian Eyes

Arabian Eyes, inserito originariamente da mnadi.

I didn't take this shot which was used in a local Vodafone campaign a few years back. This Arabian beauty from Sinai, Egypt is wearing a traditional bedouin head dress (that is covered with golden coins) to show her exotic eyes that are covered by an ancient dark makeup called "Kohl" originally used by the early Arabs and in ancient Egypt.


382, inserito originariamente da Carlos Noboro.

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Village Beauty

Village Beauty, inserito originariamente da mitchellk81.

The image was taken at a small village in East Kutch – a remote region of India. This area is very dry, the soil here is arid and the inhabitants have to be resilient. The girl truly seemed like a ‘diamond’ in the rough in such surroundings. When I asked if I could photograph her, she became very shy, but the local children and mothers encouraged her and so she got in front of the camera. Between her shy laughter and hesitant looks the wind played with her hair and she gave me that intense glance, mature beyond her years. I pressed the shutter.

Inserito da mitchellk81 il 6 set '07 11.02.

Tenzin Dechen

Tenzin Dechen, inserito originariamente da kalsang82.


3-001-112-1, inserito originariamente da alaindavreux.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girl from PNG

in this moment, inserito originariamente da Taiger808.

ocean born

ocean born, inserito originariamente da Taiger808.

Girl from Rarotonga, Cook Islands


glance, inserito originariamente da Taiger808.

tribal member Papua New Guinea

portrait, inserito originariamente da Taiger808.


_MG_6271, inserito originariamente da Pvince.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Red Shoes..

Red Shoes.., inserito originariamente da vedats.

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....., inserito originariamente da vedats.

look at me!!

look at me!!, inserito originariamente da vedats.


..., inserito originariamente da vedats.


..., inserito originariamente da vedats.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss Sultana, a Bedouin baby Oman

Bedouin baby called Sultana in Oman. The strange color of his face is just santal paste.

What to taste my garlic rice? Laos

Many people in north Laos just eat a bowl of rice with a big amount of garlic, you can smell them coming from very far, especially if, like me, you hate garlic!
© Eric Lafforgue

Lantaen minority woman - Laos

Lantaen minority woman - Laos, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

The Lan taen (or lantaen or Lanten) are living in north Laos, and marry only members of the tribe.This makes problems with genetics, and you can meet many people dumb or more...Not sure about what the lao governement do for them as many Lan Taen were wounded and asked for medics. They needed more a doctor than our paracetamol pills...

© Eric Lafforgue

Khmu smile - Laos

Khmu smile - Laos, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pemba island School girls Tanzania

Slave monument Stone Town - Zanzibar

For many years Stone Town in Zanzibar was a major centre for the slave trade. Slaves were taken from mainland Africa and traded with the Middle East (Oman, Saudi..). The Anglican Cathedral is built on the site of a former slave market and shows those statues.
© Eric Lafforgue

Madrassa Tanzania

Madrassa Tanzania, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

Mikindani old town Madrasah , Tanzania.
The kids in a mixed classroom learn to write on some wooden boards, as it more economic than by using paper. Once they have finished the lesson, they wash the board. Those tool can be seen in antiques shops at high prices!

Tanzanian girl

Tanzanian girl, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

Hamar tribe earring Omo Ethiopia

Hamar tribe earring Omo Ethiopia, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

Margarita, Bagamoyo Tanzania

Margarita, Bagamoyo Tanzania, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

I visited the church of Bagamoyo, and i met Margarita who was singing some wonderful chants with 5 others christians women. She told me she's 85, her husband 88, and are only 20 to still come to the church in a town mainly muslim.
© Eric Lafforgue

National sport: eating mango! Tanzania

Luang Prabang New Year parade Laos

They had to wait for 1 hour under a hard sun. Every girl was coached by her mother who made wind with a fan and dried her sweat.

Novices Laos

Novices Laos, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.

Two glasses for Tanlaen grandma Laos

A Tan Laen grand ma in North Laos. Those people are far from the modern side of Laos that most of the tourists visit. They are poor and have a very limited access to health. In minorities, few people wear glasses, so even if she has to wear 2 to see, she is lucky enough to work on embordery.

Laos beauty

Laos beauty, inserito originariamente da Eric Lafforgue.