Friday, June 12, 2009

Yao minority boy - Laos

Yao tribe is a wondeful one, with women all still wearing the traditional clothes. Some of them have moved to USA for imigration, so they have cousins in America while they still live in poor conditions in Laos

Looking up

Laughing, all is better

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Iranian Workers

Iranian Workers, inserito originariamente da HORIZON.

Few days ago during my break time I left the project site and drove to a village in the mountain which never visited before, when entering the village, I saw him, I sat by him, "hello grandfather" I said, and he gave me a extremely lovely smile, he asked me where I'm coming from, "from the south, Abadan, the place where you live on unbelieveable great sources of oil and gas", I replied.
I asked his name, he said Morad.
Morad means all you wish to have or to be, and that had a high contrast to me, he and his name.
He told me stories about the past, what he had seen and done, based on the historical events he was telling me I'm sure he is over 100.
He has been working as a labour in agriculture and it's 4 decades he is fully retired.
At this age he recieves nothing.
Absolutely NOTHING.
Who cares?
The goverment?
But the goverment is TOO rich to take care of him as an Iranian citizen.
I'm going to meet him again tomorrow during lunch time break.

Inserito da HORIZON il 6 lug '07 10.35.